if you didn't receive your product or it is significantly different to the description, we guarantee to refund your payment.



You have 7-days to report any errors after you receive the products.



We do NOT keep any data from your purchase & we are SSL Secure Shopping certified.



Refund is Not possible if §1's criteria are not current.



Pictures of Damage or similar shall be provided to our team within 7 days otherwise can't refund/returns be done.


Pictures, Logos, text, and graphics are all reserved by and are therefore not to use by any other than Should this happen anyway we will pursue legal action.



Our prices are in USD, United States Dollars ($) so we do not account from slight differences in currency changes when you purchase your item. 



Some products don't ship to your country even though you are one of the chosen available countries we ship to, so you have to pay attention to what it says on the product page. 



If you nevertheless buy an item which we do not ship to your country we will, of course, issue a refund to the same payment method as used in the earlier transaction.



We will contact you ASAP if you have made the described failure in §9.



We do'not issue any kind of refund or return if you don't want the product anyway. only in case of §1 can we issue a refund or return.​



Our delivery time is different from product to product and from country to country, so pay attention to the product page . on the product page, we will provide any useful/needed information on the item/product.



Be aware of the fact that this webshop/site is located in Denmark and therefore we only ship and answer email/live chat between 08-23 CET (Central European Time) (8 am to 23 pm). We will, of course, ship/answer ASAP and we will also comply with our delivery times.



We will ship 99 % of orders within 24 hours, in the 1% of cases we will contact you if any different info is needed.